Aliens Suit

I started to build an Alien costume at the beginning of 2006. I have been obsessed with the Xenomorph for a very long time and I have wanted an Alien suit since I was a kid. Building it was hard work, but I’ve had a great time wearing it.

My Aliens-style suit was “completed” in June 2006 but, like all obsessions, it’ll never be finished! Details of how the Aliens costume was made can be found in the Aliens Costume Construction section. Stories of the Alien’s adventures can be found in Abe T. Alien’s Blog.

Abe T. Alien

Abe T. Alien

Abe T. Alien has taken part in charity events, featured in the Children in Need live broadcast on BBC Scotland and has attended several Sci-Fi conventions.

The Alien is a member of a costuming group called the United Kingdom Colonial Marines (UKCM). The UKCM is a group of like-minded British Marines and Aliens who love the Alien film series.

He has worked on a charity event called The Alien Encounter that was part of Movie Mania Weekends held at the National Space Centre in Leicester. The Alien Encounter is a charity interactive experience, similar in concept to the original Alien War. It is very well received and many hundreds of people have been scared!